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Loba Chemie Laboratory Reagents & Fine Chemicals


Spectrochem is a family business. With roots planted in a legacy trading company in the 1940s, it gradually grew over the years from one manufacturing plant to eight modern facilities with high-tech R&D departments. Since then, Spectrochem has grown from producing 17 HPLC solvents to over 3500 fine chemicals, and continues to expand.

At Spectrochem, they produce a range of products that span across all areas of chemistry, for small as well as bulk quantities.


  • ACS/ISO Reagents
  • Amino Acids & Alcohols
  • Biological Buffers
  • BOC Derivatives
  • Boron Compounds
  • CBZ Derivatives
  • Electronic Grade Solvents
  • Ionic Liquids
  • FMOC Derivatives
  • GC Grade Solvents
  • Grignard Reagents
  • HPLC Grade Reagents
  • Hydride Reagents
  • Iodine Compounds
  • Ion Pair Reagents
  • Laboratory Reagents
  • Phosphine & Ligands
  • Quaternary Solutions
  • Scintillation Reagents
  • Silane Compounds
  • Triflic Derivatives
  • UV Grade Solvents