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Analytical Chromatography


Centrifuge tubes are manufactured using high purity virgin polypropylene (PP) confirming to US FDA 21 CFR free from natural rubber, heavy metal. Sterile Tubes has been validated according to EN ISO 11137-2; 2012 for SAL 10-6 The Large white frosted portion for easy writing. Silk-Screen graduation makes identification easy. The Option of Amber colour for light sensitive sample. Build in plug in the cap makes it leak proof. Free from natural rubber, heavy metal. Radiation Sterilized. Can withstand up to 15000* RCF. Can be autoclaved.


    Cryovials are manufactured in state of art precision-moulded facility using high purity virgin polypropylene. Complies with requirement of directive 2002/72/EC & requirement of FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520. Cryo Vial is designed for long term cryogenic storage of biological sample, all type of cells and any enzymes or reagents. Its leak proof cap design and strong wall thickness makes it an ideal product for transporting samples and specimens. These cryo vial are designed for mechanical freezing and its screw cap reduces risk of contamination due to handling. Manufactured to be used at temperature between -196°C to +121°C. Large white frosted portion for easy writing. These Cryo Vials are DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free. Graduation in silk-screen printing makes identification easy. Unique Star Foot design allows for single hand operation and grooves into Abdos P20616 single hand cryo holder rack. Radiation sterilized. Available in self-standing reclosable zipper bags. Cryo Vial can be quoted and supplied on request. Best suited for IVD use (an IVD Certified product)


    Premium Plus Pipettes are fully Autoclavable. Premium Plus Pipettes are lightweight, ergonomic with low force design. Volume settings can be clearly read through digital display. Premium Plus Pipettes are easy to calibrate and maintain with the tools supplied. Premium Plus Pipettes are designed to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Premium Plus Pipettes are supplied with operator manual that provides complete information on recalibration and maintenance of the pipettes.


    High quality disposable Petri Dishes are suitable for all microbiological applications manufactured as per ISO 24998:2008 'Plastics laboratory ware — Single-use Robust dimensional accuracy of 90 mm ensures compatibility with most automated systems. Extremely high optical clarity for easy view on microscope. Vented Dishes have elevated lid that allows for superior gas exchange and evaporation. Non-Vented Dishes have flat lid that prevents evaporation encouraging long incubation period and anaerobic application. Shallow dish design allows for maximum use of incubator space. Easy to stack. Petri Dishes retain their shape up to 55°C. Aseptic Dishes are manufactured in clean room under controlled low bio-burden conditions for best performance in all applications. Petri Dishes are also available in two & three compartment that enable parallel testing of single sample using different agar, solvents and reagents. Sterile Plates has been validated according to EN ISO 11137-2; 2012 for SAL 10-6.


    Tissue culture treated plates are made from the highest quality of virgin polystyrene. Plates are designed with low profile & low-evaporation rate ensuring no loss of samples. Small feet on the bottom corners of each plate eliminates scraping of the microscopic lens. Plates are been treated with vacuum plasma to assures uniform growth. Easy to peel-open and individually wrapped blister pack with lot no for traceability. Sterilized by E-beam, Sterile culture flask has been validated according to EN ISO 11137-2; 2012 for SAL 10-6.


    Tissue culture treated plates are made from the highest quality of virgin polystyrene. Culture Flask is been treated with vacuum plasma to assures uniform growth. Flat high clarity polystyrene surface for distortion-free observation. Angled neck for easy access till corner of the flask. Frosted writing area with clear moulded graduation marking. Designed with precision for stackable stability. Culture flask with breathable vented cap membrane 0.22 um, hydrophobic filter ensures gas exchange without contamination. Sterilized by E-beam, Sterile culture flask has been validated according to EN ISO 11137-2; 2012 for SAL 10-6.


    Double Sidearm Spinner Flask for cell culture stirrer comes ready-to-use with paddle and integrated magnet, eliminating the need for time-consuming assembly or cleaning and reassembly. The vessel is comparable to conventional glass spinner flasks for growth of suspension cell lines and any attachment-dependent cultures using micro carrier beads. The paddle size and height are optimized for each vessel size. A unique integrated magnet provides a smooth, even rotation at required speeds on any laboratory slow speed stirrer. Heat build-up in the vessel is reduced by means of a specially designed flange that raises the vessel of the stir-plate surface.


    Digital Incubators provide the facility to monitor the chamber temperatures in real time. Having large internal chambers with two adjustable shelves for increased space. Internal Power Outlet for Installation of other. Equipment for sample agitation within the Digital Incubators. Wavemax-Digital Incubator is available in a heating unit or heating and cooling for lower temperature applications.

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  • Micro Centrifudge Tubes
  • Last Drop, low Retention Micro Centrifudge Tubes
  • Centrifudge Tubes Conical Bottom. (15Mls & 50 Mls)
  • Self Standing Centrifudge Tubes. (15Mls & 50 Mls)
  • Indicidually Wrapped Centrifudge Tubes
  • Micro Centrifudge
  • Freezing Tubes.
  • Cryo Vials External & Internal Threaded
  • Storage Vials
  • Cryo Boxes
  • Cryo Gloves
  • Freezer Racks
  • Pipette Tips - (Bulk, Low Retention, Filter)
  • Pipettes. (Single Channel, Multi Channel)
  • Bottle Top Dispenser
  • Urine Sample Container
  • Ria Vials & Caps
  • Cell Culture Flasks
  • Tissue Culture Treated Plates
  • Cell Culture Disc
  • Spinner Flask
  • PCR Tubes
  • Strip Tubes - With/Without Caps
  • PCR Plates
  • Thermal Cycler
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  • Petri Dish - (Single Compartment / 3 Compartment)
  • Soft Inoculation Loop Gamma Radiated Sterile
  • Narrow Mouth / Wide Mouth Bottles Graduated - (White & Amber)
  • Jerry Cans & Carbouys
  • Dropping Bottles
  • Wash Bottles
  • Beakers - With & Without Handle
  • Measuring Cylinders (Class A / Class B)
  • Dessicators (Vaccum / Plain)
  • Magnetic Stirrer Bars
  • Magnetic Stirrer - (Digital/LED/Analog - With & Without Hot Plate)
  • Dry Bath
  • Vortex Shaker
  • Microplate Mixer
  • Centrifudge Tube Rotator
  • Rocking / Dancing / Orbital Shakers
  • CO2 Incubators
  • Digital Incubators
  • Oil Free Vaccum Pump
  • Biohazard Disposable Bags / Autoclavable Bags / Resealable Bags
  • Safety Goggals
  • Safety Face Shield
  • Nose Mask
  • Kimtech Wipes
  • Nitrile Hand Gloves
  • Latex Surgical Hand Gloves
  • Latex Examination Hand Gloves
  • Parafilm
  • Cryo Babies & Cryo Tags