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JalJyoti International – Specialists in prompt delivery of difficult-to-find pharmaceutical raw materials

We, at JalJyoti International are committed to purity, prolonged shelf-life, exact compositions and accurate pH values of our products. Our products have an extensive demand in the pharmaceutical industry. On procurement, the raw materials go through adequate testing to ensure their compliance with industry standards. Our products have advantage of longer shelf life due to strict hygiene maintained in the storage area. Reliable products are offered to clients at competitive prices.

Active Ingredients



We are committed to
 Supply you the world class pharmaceutical raw material in desired quantity
 Assure highest grade quality of all our supplies through stringent quality checks on receiving the raw material and prior to shipment
 Strict on time delivery schedule maintained to ensure that your production is never hampered due to want of essential raw materials
 Procuring raw materials only from trusted sources in India and abroad
 We have been associated with world class manufacturers namely Merck, Thomas Baker, Kimberly Clark, Spectrochem, Borosil, Whatman, Sigma Aldrich, Nalgene, Rankem to name a few

Our range of products include
Active ingredients

The active ingredients are required for pharmaceutical drug production and are very potent. They are needed only in small quantities to give the desired effect in the pill. One of the most active ingredient are antibiotics, followed by vitamins and lastly nucleic acid. These raw materials help achieve the required pharmacological results on the body Excipients are inactive ingredients which are pharmaceutically inert. They help the drug to disintegrate slowly into the blood stream for long lasting effect or ensure the drug’s stability whereas others help in the drug’s identification. Yet others help to improve the taste of the drug product.

Other essential ingredients include binders, lubricants, preservatives, coloring agents and fillers. Binders are included in formulation of tablets to lend cohesiveness to the tablet formulations and they have to be compatible with other drug components. Lubricants surround the individual particles in the form of a coating so that they remain intact when being compressed.

JalJyoti International’s product range has a competitive edge due to their-

• Purity and effectiveness
• Supreme quality equivalent to international standards
• In line with current Pharmacopoea
• Comprehensive documentation as per customer requirements

At JalJyoti International, Customer is ‘king’
We have been able to expand our business spanning over a decade as we give prime importance to the customer. Our products and practices are all geared towards highest customer satisfaction. We take pride in being our customer’s most reliable and proactive partner.
Reasons for strong market position:
• Transparency in all dealings
• Strict quality control
• Highest quality of products dealt
• Wide network of distribution
• Adherence to delivery schedules
• Competitive prices
• Customized packing
• Polite and professional customer care staff
• Ethical business practice

JalJyoti International in context of Pharmaceutical Raw Material Industry in India
The range of our products are obtained from proven local sources and if needed imported from abroad. Our customer centric policy and transparent and fair business practices have helped us to reach a position of repute in the industry.

Amongst the many suppliers and dealers of pharmaceutical raw materials, bulk chemicals raw material, chemical auxiliaries in Mumbai, JalJyoti International ranks among the top.

Ensuring 99% prompt services on bulk orders