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JalJyoti Internationalis synonymous with world-class laboratory glassware and equipment. We ensure that our liquid handling equipment makes dispensing required volumes of liquids from a given source to destination container easy. With our state of the art technology, we bring to you revolutionaryliquid handling solutions at affordable prices.


Multichannel Pipette


Tips Pipette


Digital Burettes

Pipetting Aids

Adhering to Jal Jyoti International’s policy of continuous research and development, we are in constant search of products which will facilitate the user better. We are continuously in the process of evolution in liquid handling systems to enhance the usability of our products and enrich user experience. As such, it is now possible to talk of dispensing volumes of liquid in the picoliter range from the microliter and nanoliter ranges.

Jal Jyoti International’s products are used across the broad spectrum of industries from molecular biology, pharmacy, forensic development, food and beverages and many more. The various liquid handling products at Jal Jyoti International include:
• Micropipettes
• Tips Pipette
• Pipetting Aids
• Multichannel Pipette
• Electronic Pipettes
• Dispensers
• Digital Burettes

The principle of positive displacement or air-displacement governs the functioning of pipettes. The types of pipettes vary from basic single channel, manually operated, fixed-volume to multi channel, electronic and volume adjustable channels.

Our range of dispensers include the regular syringe pump or automated piston pumps which are based on hydraulic dispenser systems, air displacement systems, pressure driven system.

Peristaltic pump or diaphragm pump are the most common type of pumps used in today’s times. Rising to the need of automation in today’s times, Jal Jyoti International has ushered in the requisite technology as far as all its products are concerned. Automated dispensers, digital burettes are examples of such kind.

Though there is uniqueness in each automated liquid handling experiment, there are certain features which are common to all liquid handling technologies.Moreover, automation has become a necessary feature due to demands of certain applications such as genomic sequencing, high-throughput screening and medical diagnostics. There is no doubt of the fact that better results are achieved by introduction of automation in liquid handling systems and we are not far behind in this aspect.

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Jal Jyoti International is a stalwart dealer, importer and exporter of liquid handling equipment and accessories with a solid twenty years experience behind it. All the products are top quality and made to exact measurements. The client gets quality assurance with respect to all the products it deals with it. Big players in the industry have dealings with us. You are most invited to view our website and begin the start of a continued business relationship with us.

Automation has opened up greater vistas for the modern lab with standardization becoming the norm. At the same time, liquid handling systems have become greatly customizable to suit the needs of each lab. Jal Jyoti International’s endeavor isto make the tasks of each lab simpler. So, join this manufacturer, dealer based in Mumbai in our endeavor and help us to fulfill all your expectations in the field of liquid handling equipments.

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