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JalJyoti International is the leading supplier of laboratory reagents. JalJyoti International offers a comprehensive choice of Laboratory Reagents Chemicals at most competitive prices in the industry where high purity becomes a critical issue.


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Here’s what you can expect from us
 Availability on demand
 Full Technical Support
 Made to order Packaging
 100% Client satisfaction
 Compliance of Safety Guidelines

The result of your experiment depends largely on the quality of reagents you use while conducting chemical experiments, analysis or physical testing. To obtain accurate results, it is extremely important for the reagents to be free of any impurities. At JalJyotiInternational, you can expect nothing but purest reagents that give super accurate results.

At Jal Jyoti International all safety guidelines are complied with- At Jal Jyoti International there is no cause to worry about practicing safety standards. We are stalwarts in the industry and have all systems regarding storing, handling and using these laboratory chemicals in place.

The MSDS is a comprehensive source of information on handling or dispensing procedures of reagents, all possible hazards and first aid to be rendered in case of any emergencies and is referred to before handling any chemical.The Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are followed in precise detail and this ensures no occurrence of any hazards at your end!

At Jal Jyoti International, due to existence of proper systems, the task of laboratory reagents management has been made much easier.Whether you need common chemicals or you have requirement for specific, rare chemicals, we are your one-stop solution for all your chemical needs.

At JalJyoti, we understand that labeling is a vital process. We’ve ensure that proper procedures have been adopted, including writing the chemical name, hazard warnings, shelf-life andcompany address. We make sure that no information is ever missed.

Our extensive product Range comprise of-
Inorganic salts
Laboratory Detergents
PH paper
Karl Fischer Solution
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Indicators and Stains
Bulk Packs

All information regarding products specifications, material safety data sheet is available on our website. Just go through our product range and place your order. We would only be too glad to serve you and make you a part of our growth.

Customer Satisfaction ensured at Jal Jyoti International
For Jal Jyoti International, the customer is the king. Chemicals provided measure up to exact specifications of our clients who have no cause for complaints. Keeping abreast of latest research and development in the field enables us to serve the clients better. Prompt delivery of products as and when required by client has enabled us to strengthen our hold in the market.

Being dealers and channel partners for big players in the industry like Sigma-Aldrich, Merck, Thermo Fisher Scientific doesn’t make us less sensitive to the needs of the small buyer. We are leading exporters and importersof laboratory chemicals and one of major laboratory reagents suppliers in and around Mumbai for years together and ordering from us can be the start of a strong business relationaship.

Ensuring 99% prompt services on bulk orders