Gas Chromatography

JalJyoti International offers ace quality gas chromatography solutions that accelerate the pace of compound separation and enhance the accuracy of the results.

G C Solvents

G C Columns

We are proud to be associated with one of the industry’s leading manufacturer and the only gas chromatography brand Supelco! Our products comprise of Gas chromatography columns and Gas chromatography solvents…

Our chromatography solutions are tailored to meet the varied needs of our vast customer base, including the standard analysis and also user specific analysis needs.

With the advancement in technology and research, the need for reliable gas chromatography solutions is increasing. The lab results can be influenced by the equipment used while testing and that’s why, the importance of using superior quality products in the lab becomes vital.

Ever since our inception, we’ve been associated with Supelco, the trusted brand for gas chromatography suppliers and have remained true to our commitment of providing state of the art tools to our customers thereby helping them to achieve greater accuracy in their experiments.

Our Products:
GC Solvents
Our GC solvents are tailored to meet the highly complex demands of the capillary gas chromatography. No matter what industry or products you are catering to, our purest solvents will ensure most accurate results for your research. Our solvents come from leading suppliers like Supelco and Sigma Aldrich, so you can conduct advanced experiments hassle free and come out with more and more revolutionary products in your niche and get an competitive edge over others in your industry.

GC Columns
JalJyoti International offers comprehensive range of GC columns to suit the broad range of chromatographic applications of various industries. Our equipment gives you the distinct edge owing to the following features:
• Strength
• Performance
• Inertness
• Low Bleed
• Reproducibility

Ensuring 99% prompt services on bulk orders