Flavors & Fragrances

Flavours & Fragrances


Flavour and Fragrance substances are comparatively strong smelling organic compounds with characteristic usually pleasant odours. They are, therefore, used in perfumes and perfumed products, as well as for the flouring of foods and beverages. Whether a particular product is called a fragrance or a flavour substance depends on whether it is used as a perfume or a Flavour. Fragrance and Flavours are like taste substances, chemical messengers, their receptors being the olfactory cells in the nose. Flavour and Fragrance ingredients are the most numerous single group and highest-value intentional additives utilized by the food and personal care industries.

They are also the most profitable and show the highest rate of growth in recent history among food and personal care product ingredients. Several factors have contributed greatly to stimulating the widespread acceptance of flavours and fragrances in consumer products.
The analysis of flavourings and fragrances is crucial for product development as well as for quality control in the food and cosmetic industry. However, taste and scent do not usually originate from single compounds, but rather from complex blends of aroma compounds. This makes the analysis of flavourings and fragrances a challenging task and requires a suitable analytical method as well as reliable analytical standards for improved confidence in results and instrumentation.

Our current product portfolio contains more than:

  • 600 Food Grade certified ingredients
  • 1,230 Kosher certified ingredients
  • 730 Halal certified ingredients
  • 400 Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) listings
  • 300 Naturals and 130 Essential Oils.

There are about 600 neat standards and standard solutions, including:

  • Certified reference materials (CRMs) TraceCERT®
  • Allergenic compounds
  • Sweeteners
  • Flavour enhancers

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  • Automated Solutions for Sample Preparation
  • Analytical Reagents – Proven quality and high purity
  • Derivatization Reagents – Reliability for any application
  • Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) – Fully automated and unmatched Sample Prep for F&F
  • Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) – Broadest offering of stationary phase for all Sample Prep challenges
  • Filtration Technologies & Millex® – Syringe filters you can trust
  • Columns with Superior Resolution for F&F Compounds
  • GC
  • Ionic Liquid GC Columns – Unique Selectivity for essential oil separations
  • SLB Columns for GC-MS – Durable and sensitive columns e.g. for allergen analysis
  • Equity-1 GC Columns – Ideal where a non-polar column is needed
  • SUPELCOWAX® 10 GC Columns – Polar column e.g. for aromatics and F&F compounds
  • Watercol™ GC Columns – Measurement of aqueous  samples and/or Water
  • Chiral GC Columns – Widest selectivity range for enantiomer separations
  • HPLC
  • Ascentis® Express U/HPLC Columns – Fused-Core® Technology for highest efficiency
  • Chromolith® HPLC Columns – Lowest back pressure & highest robustness against dirty samples
  • Purospher® STAR UHPLC Columns – Capacity, Inertness & highest reproducibility
  • Chiral HPLC Columns – Widest selectivity range for enantiomer separations
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