Fine Chemicals

JalJyoti International is the leading suppliers oftop class fine chemicals, with specialty in BorosilQualigens and Merck Qualigens. While we are based in Mumbai and have extended the facilities to Goa, our customer base spans over broad spectrum of industries, ranging from pharmaceutical industry to bulk drug, formulations, specialty chemicals , agrochemicals, food and feeds and more. We are a trusted source of qualigens fine chemicals in India. No matter what your order quantity is, we will be able to deliver your order at the soonest. If you have a customized order, let us know your specifications and we will be ready with tailored order as per your exact requirements.

Borosil Qauligens

Merck Qualigens

Striving for excellence
Ever since we have established, we have been continuously trying to surpass our own stringent quality standards and provide purest fine chemicals to our customers. We understand the importance of purity of chemicals in laboratories and we promise to deliver simply the best!

We are proud to state that our supreme quality has motivated our customers to engage in a long term working relationship with us. It is our constant endeavor to ensure that safe, reliable and high quality productsare made available to our clients at the shortest notice

Since we are associated with leading manufacturers namely BorosilQauligensand Merck Qualigens, the renowned name in the chemical industry, you can rest assured that all the procedures of standardization of chemicals have been strictly adhered to and all the compliances whether mandatory or qualitative have been adhered to. All in all, you can be sure of getting the highest quality product and get that competitive edge.

Fine chemicals supplied by us are manufactured using finest techniques in the industry. Chemical synthesis and Biosynthesis are the two commonly followed techniques for manufacture of fine chemicals. You can safely trust your ingredients and use our products for the relevant applications.

JalJyoti International –On the growth path
Inspite of stiff competition in the industry, we have been able to survive, sustain and grow over the years only because of our stringent quality control and fantastic customer services .
We are associated with big names in the pharmaceutical and related sectorslike Merck, Sigma-Aldrich, Fisher Scientific and are dealers to Spectrochem, Whatman, LobaChemie, Borosil and many more

Our primary goal is Client Satisfaction
We understand that your business is important to you and so are you to us. At JalJyoti International, we understand that our success is in retaining our clients for a long, long time to come. We are successful only when you are happy.

That’s why we give our 100% to keep our clients happy. We are dedicated to building a relationship of trust with our clients through our products and service. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring satisfaction of our customers. Meeting delivery schedules and providing for customized orders besides the regular products is the base of our philosophy. So come and join us to form a lasting and profitable relationship

Ensuring 99% prompt services on bulk orders