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We offer a comprehensive range of filtration products that fulfill the filtration needs of laboratories and other industries. Our list includes filter papers of various kinds, extraction thimbles, syringe filters, glass microfiber filters, disposable ultrafiltration units, membrane filters and membranes for microbiology.

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Filter paper varieties include qualitative and quantitative filter papers, chromatography paper. Our range of filter papers suit several purposes that range from filtering out large particles to very fine ones, including theWhatman filter paperwhich is a global brand synonymous with reliability and quality and has set yard stick for laboratory filtration. It is used in food and beverage sectors besides being used in pharmaceutical industry.

In the glass microfiber filters list, the readily usable glass microfiber filters for suspended solids, glass microfiber filters with or without binders, air sampling filters etc are some of the types supplied by JalJyoti International.Our products havehigh particle retention capacity and help in filtering difficult-to-filter solutions. Their majorapplications lie in water or air monitoring and also as pre-filters for membranes.

Membrane filters are used in air as well as water filtration. Our extensive range of filtration products provide our clients with a wide choice of porosities, pore sizes and solvent compatibility options. Customized requirements are also fulfilled satisfactorily.
Membrane filtration has assumed great importance in view of need for clean water and compliance of regulationsfor discharge of waste water. Membranes act as physical barriers to filter out solids, bacteria, viruses and several other undesirable molecules providing for superior wastewater treatment and potable water from several water sources.

The most commonly used methods of filtration include Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis and nanofiltration. In microfiltration, impurities of pore size varying between 0.5 and 5.0 microns can be removed through this membrane. The filtration technique in Ultrafiltration works on the same principle as in microfiltration except that the pore sizes in this case are still smaller. The process of filtration is driven by exerting pressure known as transmembrane pressure, across the membrane. Nanofiltration membranes retain uncharged solutes and polyvalent salts but let the monovalent salts pass through. The pore size of Reverse Osmosis membranes is extremely small, the main aim being separation of ions from each other.
In industrial applications, depth filtration is complemented by membrane filtration and this increases the dirt-holding capacity and retention properties.

Laboratory filtration is another application which requires high quality products to purify or concentrate samples.We offer products which are highly competitive in terms of price and quality. Syringe filters and syringeless filters help in analytical sample filtration and in fact, enables the user to speeden his filtration process. Jal Jyoti International has an extensive array of syringe filters with differing pore sizes, diameters and membrane types.

The needs of microbiological filtration are fully satisfied by our Whatman products which bring in high performance and exact results. Ready-to-use filtration units for microbiology, sterile membranes, membrane filter dispenser are some of the products in this category and we are always abreast of the latest technological innovations that are continuously taking place in this field.

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